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Supply of Optical Components|Customized Lens Development

– Imaging / non-imaging optical system design

Eterge Opto-Electronics has various areas of optics design experience and achievements, including imaging / non-imaging system, spherical / aspherical lens, we are able to provide customers instant specification simulation.

- Supply of Optical Components

Eterge Opto-Electronics own complete production, testing, environmental tests, automation and tooling equipment, either spherical or aspherical lens are in consistent manufacture, which are able to provide customers high quality lens components and value for money.

- Supply of Optical Lenses

Eterge Opto-Electronics has take the complete automated production and automated testing procedure, so that quality can be uniform, can provide customers with the most stable quality.

- Customized Lens Development

Eterge Opto-Electronics has a strong and experienced design team which are devoted to respond quickly to customized lenses with accurate simulation, in order to facilitate time effective in the market for customers.

- Automated assembly

Eterge Opto-Electronics and affiliated companies are all equipped with automation design team, which can respond to various production processes imported into automation production, to achieve optimization of the quality and production efficiency.

- Production System

Eterge Opto-Electronics and affiliated companies are architecture ISO9001 ISO14000 and TS16949, to ensure stable production system and quickly respond to any issues from customers. The company owns complete equipment for detection and environmental test to ensure quality and consistency.

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